Some Useful StrategyMap Objective Examples - sorted by Perspective:
The basic problem that everybody has is that they have huge numbers of larger, medium-sized and smaller goals.
Some are high-level Bigger-Picture goals whilst others are much smaller and may be confined to a specific zone.
Unless you are specifically developing a Narrow-Focus Project Map, you do not want the main Strategy Map Objectives to be too specific, otherwise the map will "blow-out" in size.

The main requirements are Visibility, Order and Priority.
This requires a structure so that everything can be tree-shaped and pigeon-holed, to allow work to proceed with a Divide and Conquer approach to improve everything using a team approach.
Always remember that the Strategy Map is a tool for Describing and then Measuring your Strategy. This is essential to effectively handle your Organizational SWAN (Stakeholder Wants and Needs).
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Example Strategy Map Finance Objectives.
Example Strategy Map Customer Objectives.
Example Strategy Map Internal Process Objectives.
Example Strategy Map Learning and Growth Objectives.