www.StrategyKpi.com Customer Privacy Policy.
Our customer privacy policy deals with the following 3 areas.
  1. Customer Credit Card details.
  2. Customer Email Addresses.
  3. Customer Strategic Data.
1. Customer Credit Card Details
If a customer wants to purchase our software license or services using a credit card, it may be necessary for them to provide us with these details.
This is done using our Secure Server which means that the data is encrypted and not transmitted in readable Free Text.
The secure server will have the https:// prefix. This indicates that the data is transmitted in an encrypted format, and that our server is certified as being valid.
Once a customer sale has been processed, we do not store any credit card numbers in a readable clear text format.
We never give out any Credit Card Details in any form to anybody.
At the time of writing this web page, we have never had any problems and do not anticipate that any will happen.
2. Customer Email Addresses
These email addresses are stored for the following purposes:
  - Advising customers when new versions of the StrategyKpi software are available for download.
  - Advising customers if any problems, issues or bugs are found with our software.
  - Replying to customer's Emails.

Should any customer notify us that they do not want to receive any emails, we will remove their details from our email system.
  - We will verify when we have done this and they will not receive any future emails from us.

Customer email details are never discolsed to anybody outside the StrategyKpi.com organization.
All group email messages will contain all email addresses in the Blind Copy (Bcc:) screen field so that they are not disclosed to other recipients.
3. Customer Strategic Data
When we do consulting work for customers is usually involves the use of their supplied data.
Often this is to create a Strategy Map, and usually with Visionary Statements and KPI's.
This is called a "Strategic Picture" and it allows then to effectively describe their strategy to employees and stakeholders.
We doing this work we usually create and sign a Non-Disclosure agreement which prevents us from disclosing the customer's data to anyone who is not an employee of StrategyKpi.com.
For this consulting service we invoice a customer at an amount shown in our StrategyKpi.com Price List.
Once this payment has been received by us, the customer receives full copyright for that document and/or map and/or Statements.
They may modify, use and re-use this material whenever, wherever, or in any manner that suits them.
It shoud however be recognised that there can often be similarlty between Strategy Maps, Visionary Statements and Kpi's, hence it is possible that another customer's data may on occasions share some similarity.