Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard Concepts - commonly asked questions:

Question Answer
We currently just have a Balanced Scorecard system.

Why would we need a Strategy Map?

Is your Strategy Map compatible with 3G BSC Concepts?
(3G BSC = Third Generation Balanced Scorecard)
The Strategy Map provides the 'Strategic Intention' of your business and forms the bridge between your Vision, Mission, Goal statements and your Balanced Scorecard.

If you do not have a Strategy Map then there is no Objective Linkage and your employees cannot engage your overall corporate strategy.
If you do try to fit your current objectives into a new Strategy Map and it does not work then your current Strategic Intention is faulty and you may have to adjust the Objectives.

Hence it is much better to initially get it all correct and conform to the commonly accepted standard whilst increasing the mobility of your own personal skills.

The 3G BSC answer is Yes.
We have written a 3G BSC section on our website under the Home Button. Please refer to this when you are ready.
Some Balanced Scorecard software suppliers locate their system on a web server and it can be accessed from anywhere using Internet Explorer. This type of screen is called Web-Client whilst the local computer screens that MS-Office uses is called Rich-Client.

Web-Client is a very dumb interface and the screen is not point addressable. Because of the round-trip delays and the fact that the screen has to be re-written every time, it is slow and lacks good screen features.
MS-Office is not run using Internet Explorer, as the interface and time delays would be totally unacceptable.

Our software is so full of essential highly interactive screen features that it could never be used through Internet Explorer.
Would there be security problems locating Strategic Planning data on a web server and simply using Internet Explorer. A company Strategic Plan is a critically confidential document and a hacker could potentially change the way a company operates and in some cases even send it bankrupt.

An Internet web server can be a very insecure device and even banks have their share of problems.
We have written a Website Security Section on our website under the Home Button.
Please refer to this when you are ready.

Some Web Server providers advertise that they have a secure facility, however the use of these is a regularly recurring cost and could end being many times more expensive than using our software.

If this kind of data is not located behind your own doors then you never know who is looking at it and may try to sell or change it.
How can we safely and securely use the software remotely. A lot of customers are using our software with Windows Terminal Server. WTS is a secure environment and is the common way to use business software remotely over the Internet.

Windows 2000 WTS does not require any additional client licenses and a number of our customers use this system.
At the higher end Citrix also make a Terminal Server system.

Terminal Server systems are usually referred to as 'Thin-Client' systems. They can be made highly secure and are strongly recommended.
How do we create our Strategic Statements? Your Goal Statement usually says what you want to achieve and it is often linked to a date or a continuation concept.

Your Vision is how you want to position yourself or how you want to position an outcome.
Your Mission is usually what you continue to do, to achieve your Vision and Goal.
Other statements such as Market and Slogan are also important.
How do we create our Strategy Map? You should first create your Strategic Visionary Statements so that yo uknow who and what you are.
Then you should create a comprehensive SWOT analysis as this will define everything that you do.
Creating your Strategy Map requires that you define your Objectives in a linked fashion so that there is a Strategic flow.
These will be derived from the SWOT items by looking at bigger picture items or groupings and reserving the smaller items as KPI's.

The outcome is that you need to be able to 'Demonstrate your Strategy' to stakeholders and supervisors. You must demonstratee that they are derived from the Strategic Visionary Statements and the SWOT Statement Items.
Your staff must also be able to engage with it and they should be able to 'Think Strategy'.

Inside our software, in the Strategy Map Module, there are a number of brief Notes that assist with the process of creating a Strategy Map.
Hence we recommend that you read these notes and also look at the example Strategy Maps provided in the software.
How do we design and create a Balanced Scorecard? At the basic level there are two tables, the Objectives and the Initiatives.
For each Objective row there are many Initiative Activities.

To design an Objectives Grid Table you use the Strategy Map Objective as the first column and then add additional columns to the right.
The second column describes how a Strategy Map Objective applies to a particular Individual. This column is usually called a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) or a KRA (Key Responsibility Area) or simply Target.

Next to that is how you are going to measure the data in this column.
Next to that again is a column that relates to the score or the outcome.
[Objective | KPI | Measure | Score]

To design the Initiatives or Activities Grid Table you simply need to say what will be done to achieve this Objective.
[Initiative | Date | $Cost]
What is Strategy Map and Organizational Tree WYSIWYG? If you want to have a measure of your overall Strategic Plan then you need a numeric Score column.

Our software has Gauges for this purpose and they can be averaged from the bottom level right back up into the Strategy Map itself. Similarly for the Organizational Tree.

So when you have this feedback loop working you get WYSIWYG (What you see is what your are getting).