Drill-Down Cross-Reference Module:
This quick video explains the Drill-Down Cross-Reference Module and the facilities that it provides as an alternative to the Balanced Scorecard Module in Display Mode.

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Video Script:- Drill-Down Dashboard.

This module is similar to the Balanced Scorecard module Display section except that it has a cross-referencing search facility rather than an Organizational tree.

The search facility allows you to display the Balanced Scorecard data based on a common value, in either a list-based column or a numeric column.

Hence this module is similar to the Balanced Scorecard module but with a different data selection facility.
In this tutorial we will not be covering the Scorecard display features.
Dashboard style chart facilities are provided here as well as in the Balanced Scorecard Module.

Screen Areas:
The screen has four tabs - two for searching, one for combining the searches and the other for displaying.

Search Tabs:
Each search tab has a drop-down list where you can select the column that you want to search on.
Only List-Based and Numeric columns can currently be searched on (however a pure-text search is being developed).
If the column is a list-based column then you can select from one of the list items in either the Objectives or Initiatives grids.
Alternatively if the column is a numeric value then you are able to select a value range.

One commonly used search is by Objective or KPI as this allows you to see what groups are working with a similar focus which will improve their team work and collaboration.

Another popular search is in the budget areas.
If you have defined a column for your account cost codes, you can quickly obtain a report of these expenses.
Alternatively if you have defined budget columns you can search for these within a numeric range.

Combine Search:
There are two different search tabs which will normally be used to provide different data.
It is also possible to combine this data either Inclusively or exclusively.
The Inclusive option provides both sets of search data combined.
The Exclusive option provides Search 2 within the Search 1 results.

Search Example:
Search 1: All people with the Strategic Objective Outstanding Customer Service.
Search 2: All people with Numeric gauge greater than 70%.
Search 2 within Search 1: Provides All Customer Service values with a numeric outcome greater than 70%.

Display Data:
The data display options are the same as in the Balanced Scorecard Module.
There is the single, 2 or 3 grid modes plus the Treeview Display.
The single grid mode allows you to merge together Initiative and Objective concepts into the one Grid.
The Grid Filter allows you to hide either columns or sections to provide the data snapshot that you require.
The Export to grid allows you to further modify a grid layout and columns.
The Export to Chart provides graphical displays of either Cell or Totals numeric values. Cell values can be aggregated by List-based grid column values.

In summary, the Drill-Down module provides the same dashboard style charts and graphs, but allows you to query the database in different ways.

Thankyou for watching this video demonstration.