Exporting to Grid Facility:
This quick video explains the Export to Grid facility.

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Video Script:- Exporting a Strategy Map Grid using the Export grid.

When you want to Print or Export your Strategy Map Grid, you can use the Export Grid facility.
This takes a copy of the current grid and allows you to format it for exporting by filtering and adjusting the rows and columns.

Screen Areas:
The screen has 7 active tabs which allow you to adjust and export the grid in the way that you need.
However there are 5 changes that can be done to the grid by just using the mouse.
1. The column widths can be adjusted by mouse-dragging the edge markers.
2. The columns can be moved left or right by dragging in the column headers.
3. The columns can be sorted by clicking in the headers.
- If you want to move the colums without doing a sort, then click and drag on the row above the column header row.
4. Also if you can see the right or bottom edges of the grid you can drag these to re-size the grid.
5. Plus you can drag the actual Windows Form edges, or bottom right corner, to re-size the overall Windows Form.

Grid Labels Tab:
When a grid is exported, 3 rows are added to the top.
The first row contains the Software Licensed Owner Name and this cannot be changed.
The next two rows can be changed and this Tab displays two screen textboxes where you can enter in the required text.

Grid and Column Size Tab:
There is a large variety of grid widths that can be exported and fitting them into the correct export format can be difficult.
The columns will always have different amounts of data and sometimes the best balance is achieved by using the format controls followed by manually adjusting the actual column widths.
The button and slider controls offer as much help as possible in adjusting the column widths.
It is possible to have the grid width wider than the windows form and it is also possible to change the Windows form size.

Column and Row Filters Tabs:
These allow you to hide Rows and Columns by simply checking on the check boxes in the filter grids.
It is not possible to hide the top row.

Save Doc or Image Tab:
This tab allows you to save the grid in several formats.
There are two Excel formats, these being the XLS or CSV formats and depending on the status of cell merging in the grid you may have better success with either.
CSV Export is pure text which can also be opened by Notepad and hence it does not maintain the Cell Style or Format settings.

Print Tab:
This tab allows you to Print Preview or else Print the Grid.
There is also the additional Grid Preview facility which has a Save-As feature built in.

Export FileName Tab:
This allows you to set the location where the files are saved as well as the actual filename.

This export facility allows you to format the grid in ways that the source grid cannot be formatted, without effecting the working grid system.
Also the export options provided here cannot be fitted into the existing screens.
When exporting in HTML format remember that the screen size can be changed in your browser by using Control + and Control - button combinations.

Thankyou for downloading and watching this video demonstration.